Carpets give your house a positive and welcoming look, but what if an accidental dripping of candle wax spoils or stains your expensive carpet, making it difficult for you to completely remove those wax particles stuck in it?

In such cases, most people would either try our best to hide the affected area of the carpet by shifting the position of our household furniture or buying a rug to cover it up. Another option is to hire a carpet cleaner, but that can be expensive. If you want to remove the stain on your own, however, there is a simple way to accomplish this task.

Technique for removing wax out of the carpet:
You need to first make an attempt to try to get the dried wax particles from the carpet by scrapping them off with your finger nails or a knife, but be very careful to make sure that you do not damage the carpet in the process.

After this step, you need to cut a piece of paper big enough to cover the wax infested area of your carpet. Then place the paper over the stained area.

Get an iron and with the iron at the lowest heat setting, gently start applying it over the paper that has covered the carpeted area. A blow dryer can also be used as an alternative to an iron for the same purpose.

The heat from the iron or blow dryer will melt the wax particles which will then attach themselves to the paper. After awhile, you will need to lift the paper to check if large quantities of wax particles are attached to the paper. If that is the case, then remove the paper and place a new piece at the exact same spot. Repeat the same step again and again until your carpet is free of each and every wax particle.

In some cases your carpet may be stained if the wax was dyed. To remove the stain from the carpet, take a piece of cloth and sprinkle a few drops of alcohol or vinegar on it. Start rubbing it all over the wax stained area on the carpet. This will help remove the stain to the maximum extent. It should also be noted that alcohol and vinegar have a strong stench. Therefore, you also need to clean that area of the carpet where alcohol or vinegar was used with water.

Finally, switch on your fan, cooler, or air conditioner to dry your carpet completely, because keeping it wet will attract a lot of dust and dirt. So next time you light up the candle wedding favors that you got at the wedding you just attended or just decide to light up some regular candles around the house, don't worry. You now know how to get those wax stains out of the carpet inexpensively. By following the steps above, you can get professional and amazing results when you try to remove candle wax stains from your carpet.


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